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Freelance Software Engineer

Overall Profile

Excellent software engineer with a clear passion for software engineering.
Very comfortable with object-orientation, OOA, OOD, design patterns and refactoring.
Excellent coder, producing world-class code readability and maintainability.
At least 10 years programming experience, preferably focussing on non-business, technical type applications (eg device drivers, interactive graphics, networking, OS, low-level systems).
At least 5 years non-stop Java experience.
Clear interest in software tools, both as user and implementor, in particular in bytecode instrumentation.
Need to be able to demo several non-trivial applications written in spare time.

Detailed Project-Specific Requirements

Very comfortable with multithreading, Swing, generics, enums, JDK 1.5 java.util APIs, TCP/IP, streams programming.
Comfortable familiarity with JVM Specification, especially virtual machine architecture and .class file format.
Knowledge and understanding of java.lang.instrumentation.

Nice to Have

Eclipse experience (NetBeans or IntelliJ are fine too). Subversion experience. TDD experience.

Some Instant "Sorry" Factors (aka No Need To Apply If..)

You abbreviate identifiers. You don't instinctively write javadocs. You are not addicted to intensive code completion in your IDE. You are a two-finger typist. You write 1000+ LOC classes.


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